Wrongful Convictions

Freeing the Innocent

Martin Yant’s experience, expertise and dedication to freeing the innocent is unparalleled among private investigators, which is why he has been called “the most successful one-man innocence project in the country.”

Martin works closely with the nation’s innocence projects and other advocacy groups and individuals dedicated to freeing the wrongly convicted. His investigations have helped free 20 wrongly convicted individuals, including two men originally sentenced to death who spent 26 years in prison and a couple incarcerated for 12 years for crimes that never occurred. Martin was named the Columbus Community Festival’s Honored Activist for 2016 for his ”dedication to uncovering the truth and freeing the innocent.” One of Martin’s most recent successes was the nationally publicized case of convicted murderer Clarence Elkins, who was released from prison when DNA tests Martin initiated identified the true killer, who later pled guilty.

In 2005, The Washington Post named Martin’s book Presumed Guilty one of the eight most important books on miscarriages of justice ever published.‘

Martin’s investigations have been featured in Time magazine, The New York Times and many other publications. They have also been highlighted on 48 Hours, Dateline, Unsolved Mysteries, The CBS Evening News, American Justice, CNN, the Discovery Channel, the Oxygen network and the Canadian Broadcasting System. In 2013, he was interviewed about wrongful convictions on the BBC’s Newshour show, which has a global audience of 43 million.

The Georgetown University graduate has written four other investigative books. He is on the board of directors of Truth in Justice, an organization that seeks to heighten public awareness of wrongful convictions through the web site www.truthinjustice.org. He is also a contributing editor of The Wrongful Convictions Blog (www.wrongfulconvictionsblog.org) and a member of the advisory board of Innocence Matters of California.

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