Ace Investigators

Ace Investigations is an Ohio-based full-service licensed private investigation agency with a passion for justice and solving mysteries. No matter how large or small your problem, Ace can help.

Ace was founded by Martin Yant after an award-winning career in journalism. An investigation Martin launched while editor of the Mansfield (Ohio) News Journal led to the conviction of the Richland County sheriff and seven deputies in 1979 on numerous corruption and assault charges.

That investigation prompted Martin’s interest in miscarriages of justice. That culminated in his 1991 book Presumed Guilty: When Innocent People Are Wrongly Convicted, which was listed by The Washington Post in 2005 as one of the eight most important books on miscarriages of justice ever published.

As detailed on our Wrongful Convictions page, Martin’s investigations have helped free 20 wrongly convicted individuals since then. But Martin and his experienced investigators apply the same passion and expertise exhibited in those cases to other criminal, civil and domestic-relations investigations as well.

Investigator Amanda Harris heads the Ace Investigations office in Mansfield, Ohio, where she has lived all her life and has many contacts. Amanda has a degree in accounting from the University of Phoenix.

Columbus investigator Emma Mitchell has bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and is currently working towards a master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati. She has a background in juvenile justice and experience in both criminal and civil cases.

Columbus investigator Michelle Delzell has a degree in the related field of business forensics from Franklin University.

Ace Investigations also has a close working relationship with Melanie Athey of Athey & Kline Investigations in Alliance, Ohio. Melanie earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hiram College and  a master’s from Ball State University.  Her professional background is a combination of community corrections and clinical research, making her an ideal private eye.

Ace Investigations works closely with a world-class private forensics lab with experts in DNA testing, fingerprint examination, handwriting analysis, document analysis, crime-scene reconstruction and computer forensics. Ace also regularly consults with renowned forensic pathologists and experts in many other fields as part of its investigations.